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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Back To My Nest

HEY I'M BACK! Not quite sure for how long though. As you might have imagined, I've been struggling to find time keeping my other Blogs updated.

Namely, PETPOSITIVE, Air Raves Malaysia and Wheel Power Malaysia. Feedback received from blog readers tell me that I've managed pretty well with PET+, so no worries there.

Yesterday, I was forced to create a new Air Raves Malaysia Blog. This was because as an amateur blogger, I made a mess of the Blog's formatting which I disliked. And since I don't know how to get it back to normal, I decided to create a new one which starts with last week's article.

So now, those interested to read articles from December 9, 2007 and before, they will have to click on the now old Air Raves to read them. For those interested in December 16 and in future, you have to click to the all new Air Raves Malaysia which I hope to improve over the next few weeks.

The same applies for aN aNt's liFe too. I hope to keep this Blog as often as I can - even if it means talking about my often crazy life.

As for Wheel Power, I decided to add "Malaysia" in it. This is because there are many readers overseas.

As an added feature, I will be, from time to time, including my original Wheel Power articles in this Blog.

The reason for this is because sometimes my articles are edited so much that not everything I want to say - in the way I want to say it - comes out in my published articles. This, I'm told by my dear editors is because of the lack of space rather than anything else.

So look out for them.

With that, this is aNt, signing off for now.

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Why I Am In A Wheelchair By aNt in Bahasa Malaysia
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