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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

My Tribute To Heath Ledger

It was a 8.44am when the news of Heath Ledger's death came on The Star's SMS News Alert Service.

I was up unusually and doing my radio review assignment for my column Air Raves.

Since it was also Thaipusam Day, my mood was spoilt somewhat.

I first ever heard of Ledger was after his lead role in the controversial gay movie Brokeback Mountain.

When I actually saw the movie, it wasn't about sleazy sex as one might have imagined. Rather it was about an incredible struggle of two people trying to have a relationship that was frowned upon by society.

They tried their best to live out the roles that society had dictated to them but in some uncanny way, kept coming back to each other like a magnet as far as having a relationship was concerned.

As a disabled person who constantly faces discrimination almost everyday of my life, I find it extremely difficult not to be sympathetic to others who also face discrimination through other means.

Not to be empathetic would be totally hypocritical on my part.

The death of Ledger at a young age of 28 is most tragic. At the time of writing this, the cause of his death is still not known. The authorities suspect either an overdose of drugs or suicide.

If suicide was a factor, then it is truly a pity as this budding actor truly had so much going for him.

To me, I think Ledger's greatest contribution was in his support for those against homophobia.

I don't think he was gay himself. But I think people will remember him most for his support for gay people and their struggles.

It must have taken him a hell of a courage to accept the role in Brokeback Mountain. Another hero and obviously a good man is gone.

May his spirit continue to live forever and his soul rest in eternal peace.


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